10 Great Reasons to Read

  Last Sunday I was chatting with one of my readers about The Slow Trail Home. She pulled out this bookmark that listed ten reasons to read. She wanted me to have it, she said, because, for her, reading my stories fulfilled a good portion of the reasons listed. She specifically mentioned #1, #2, #4, […]

Fresh Input for More Output

By the time I finally get a book published, I’m tired of writing. All writing (which unfortunately includes blog posts, hence my irregular updates here). No, after dumping 150,000+ words out of my head, what I want and need is input. So about a month ago I started devouring fresh books. At first it was […]

Improving Your Story’s Setting with Maps

When it comes to bringing a sense of authenticity to your writing, it’s the little things that matter. Most writers keep meticulous notes on their characters. However, we’re not always so good about noting those little things that make for an interesting setting description. Keeping track of where your characters are physically through the use […]

The Slow Trail Home is now available!

I am thrilled to announce that The Slow Trail Home is (finally) available in Kindle and paperback formats! This particular set of stories now has a name: The War and the West.  An Uncivilized Yankee begins the sequence, followed by Bittersweet Days and A Great Wide Nowhere. After Nowhere comes Farewell and Goodbye. The Slow […]

Back Cover Copy for The Slow Trail Home!

“You come back, ’kay? Promise?” “I promise.” Katja Black was just five when she waved farewell to the Steeles as they left Fort Ellis. That was a decade ago. Kat has since matured into a lovely flame-haired Fire-Caller like her mother, while remaining as logical and self-controlled as her father. But despite her practical, rational […]

Mapmaking for The Slow Trail Home

I’ve been busy mapmaking. When I first decided to use the Pecos Trail (aka, the Goodnight-Loving Trail) for my book, I had no clue how few detailed maps there were of the route. After spending several years (including one very long road trip) piecing the route together, I’ve put that research into map form, so […]

Slogging Through the Slough of Editing

The Slow Trail Home is nearly at the end of its editing journey. My editor returned the final manuscript to me last Sunday and I’ve spent the past week drowning in (virtual) red ink as I work my way slowly through her edits. What exactly is copy editing? Copy editing is the final step of […]

4 Good Reasons for Writing Fanfic

Many people look down on fan fiction (or fanfic) as the scribblings of wanna-be writers, of those who don’t have the creativity to come up with their own ideas. Here are four reasons why writing fanfic is actually a good thing. 1. Writing Fanfic is Less Overwhelming. It’s a bit like having training wheels when […]

Music for writing: My top ten playlists

For me, silence isn’t golden. I need music for writing. I need music to distract that part of my brain that wants to ping everywhere but on my writing. But I’ve found over the years that only some types are music for writing. No words allowed A song’s lyrics usually distract me from the words […]

Farewell and Goodbye: A Novella

One of the most exciting–and terrifying–things an author gets to do is announce the arrival of a new work. So, I am pleased to announce (drum-roll, please!) that Farewell and Goodbye is now available for Kindle purchase! This is the “bridge” story that connects A Great Wide Nowhere with The Slow Trail Home (due out […]