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An Author Needs Thick Skin.

I just got home from an ultra-long drive (12+ hours from Vermont this morning) and am physically and emotionally exhausted. I really needed a pick-me-up. But the first thing I was greeted by on Amazon was not 1 but 3 awful book reviews. They were all from the same person, who admitted she hadn’t even […]

On the Pecos Trail, Part II

The original Goodnight-Loving Trail basically ended in Fort Sumner. There they sold a portion of the herd to the Army garrison for an extremely high price (The Army needed meat to feed the Apache and Navajo Indians who were imprisoned there). Then, while Oliver Loving continued up into Colorado with the remainder of the cattle […]

Back Home Again: Research trip for the Goodnight-Loving trail complete

Got back in last night. 15 days. 15 states.  5,242 miles. Give me a few days to catch my breath, and then I’ll be back to mostly-regular postings 🙂 In the meantime, here is a summary of the trip posts.  Enjoy! First Day on the Trail Days 2 and 3 – Dallas, TX The anatomy […]

On the Trail the Pecos Trail, Part I

Unlike the Chisholm Trail, the Goodnight-Loving/Goodnight/Pecos Trail is not very well marked or celebrated. It’s not even well-mapped, as I discovered to my dismay when I started trying to match the few places mentioned in my research sources with modern maps. In fact, most maps you can find on Google are drawn wrong. So I […]

Where am I?

Howdy all! We’re here in Colorado Springs, and the Internet in our hotel was from the 19th century. Yes, there was an Internet in the 19th century, but the telegraph was considered the better option. Heck, smoke signals were faster and more reliable. Right now I’m sitting in a Starbucks catching up on things, and […]

On the Pecos Trail from Carlsbad to Trinidad.

Yesterday morning (July 3rd) we spent at Carlsbad Caverns. Absolutely gorgeous formations. Well worth the time and money. The ranger-guided tours were all full and we didn’t have time to hike to the Natural Entrance, so we just did the Big Room, but that was still a lot of cave. After leaving Carlsbad, we headed […]

On the Pecos Trail

We left Abilene this morning to start the research portion of this little road trip. The trip from Abilene to Pecos is long and dull and looks something like this: But we eventually made it. However, both city and river were a bit of a downer. Pecos and the Pecos River. Pecos City was originally […]