Fresh Input for More Output

By the time I finally get a book published, I’m tired of writing. All writing (which unfortunately includes blog posts, hence my irregular updates here). No, after dumping 150,000+ words out of my head, what I want and need is input. So about a month ago I started devouring fresh books. At first it was […]

The Slow Trail Home is now available!

I am thrilled to announce that The Slow Trail Home is (finally) available in Kindle and paperback formats! This particular set of stories now has a name: The War and the West.  An Uncivilized Yankee begins the sequence, followed by Bittersweet Days and A Great Wide Nowhere. After Nowhere comes Farewell and Goodbye. The Slow […]

Farewell and Goodbye: A Novella

One of the most exciting–and terrifying–things an author gets to do is announce the arrival of a new work. So, I am pleased to announce (drum-roll, please!) that Farewell and Goodbye is now available for Kindle purchase! This is the “bridge” story that connects A Great Wide Nowhere with The Slow Trail Home (due out […]

Research Rant

I pride myself on making my novels as factually accurate as possible (though sometimes I know the facts but end up switching them around a bit to better suit the story). Towards that end, I recently read Empire of Shadows, which covers the early exploration of Yellowstone (before it became a National Park). Not because […]

Books I Was Forced to Read.

I was reading over at The Bookwyrm’s Hoard and she mentioned skipping this coming week’s Top Ten Tuesday, with the topic of Books I Was Forced to Read. My mind immediately began to make a list: I laughingly commented that I would do it for her and quickly wrote down my Top Ten. Then I […]