A Great Wide Nowhere soon to be released!

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A Great Wide Nowhere, the sequel to An Uncivilized Yankee, will soon be available from Amazon.com and as a Kindle e-book!

A man of reason…

Captain Robert Black can find a logical, rational explanation for everything. Everything, that is, except his uncanny ability as a Finder … and the feelings he has for the tiny red-haired spark of a girl named Danica Anderson. But though he loves her, he swears he will never ask her to share his life out West. Life on the frontier is hell for a woman, and Danica has already been through hell once .

A girl with dreams…

From the night they first met, Dani has loved the cool, quiet Yankee captain who quite literally swept her off her feet. But she believes the chances of him ever returning her affection are as remote as her chances of ever again walking unaided. When Rob unexpectedly sweeps her off her feet once more, she vows to go anywhere and face anything to be with him.

An untamed frontier…

Tasked with Finding a thief, Rob is sent to an Indian-threatened outpost in the middle of nowhere. Dani is determined to go with him, willing to face the “glittering misery” of Army life. But survival out on the wild Dakota plains will take much more than strength and courage; it will take the use of Talents. And when an unexpected tragedy unfolds, Rob must find a way to embrace both logic and legend to preserve all he holds dear.

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