Days 2 and 3–Dallas, Texas.

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Well, technically, we’re not in Dallas, for which I am greatly thankful, since the few times I’ve driven through the Dallas-Fort Worth area I have been terrified. I don’t like big cities, and I really don’t like lots of traffic. For that matter, I don’t particularly like going fast. Horseback is a nice speed for me.

But I digress.

We left Nashville early yesterday morning and made it into Arkansas with little difficulty and no more rainy weather. And while Arkansas is mostly under construction, we were able to keep a steady pace to the southwest. We paused momentarily in Texarkana, killed us a wild pizza, and had that for supper, before pressing westward. We made it to the Beckers’ spread on the eastern side of the metro. We’ll be camping here for a few nights before continuing on to the Goodnight-Loving Trail on the western side of the state.

I promise a more informative post later today 🙂

And I apologize–the map widget seems to be malfunctioning, so you can’t see where we are. I’ll try to get that fixed pronto.


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