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On the Pecos Trail from Carlsbad to Trinidad.

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Yesterday morning (July 3rd) we spent at Carlsbad Caverns. Absolutely gorgeous formations. Well worth the time and money. The ranger-guided tours were all full and we didn’t have time to hike to the Natural Entrance, so we just did the Big Room, but that was still a lot of cave. After leaving Carlsbad, we headed back up the Pecos River, stopping near what used to be Loving’s Bend and is now a veterans’ park. The Pecos here still looks little like it should, but at least it looks better than it did down in Pecos City, Texas. Then, just north of Carlsbad, we found the...

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On the Pecos Trail

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We left Abilene this morning to start the research portion of this little road trip. The trip from Abilene to Pecos is long and dull and looks something like this: But we eventually made it. However, both city and river were a bit of a downer. Pecos and the Pecos River. Pecos City was originally built on the west bank of the Pecos River, but was later moved about 6 miles farther west due to flooding issues. The town has always had a rough reputation, and from what we saw driving through it in search of the not-very-well-marked West of the Pecos Museum, the town hasn’t changed much. The...

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