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As I mentioned in my previous post, the main reason I started using a bullet journal was to help me reach some pretty important goals this year, and it has been with my goal tracking pages that I’ve had the greatest success so far. So I thought I’d share some of those pages with you.

This is the first goal page I set up:

Quilt blocks make awesome tracker designs.


It’s meant to be an overview of the different areas I want to work on this year. I love quilting and, after a bit of experimentation, discovered one of my favorite star patterns worked perfectly for this page. Each point of the inner star is the category, the next layer is a specific goal, and the outer areas lists some ideas on how to reach those goals.

The blank areas are where I either haven’t figured out a plan of attack yet, or haven’t the first clue where to start. Like many people, I originally thought I had to have all my plans in place at the start of the year, so I could work on them all at the same time. However, I discovered pretty quickly that starting multiple goals at the same time did not work well for me at all. Then, while still in the goal-setting phase, I read The 12-Week Year. According to its authors, working on goals in 12 week chunks allows you to focus your energies better and thus reach your goals quicker. So now I’m staggering the start of my goals, a new one approximately every month, and only setting them for 12 weeks at a time.

After setting all my goals in place, I started creating more detailed pages where I could actually track the steps I need to take in order to reach each goal. Because I’ve felt so yuck physically for so long, I figured my health should be the first goal I tackled. While my eventual goal is to lose weight and/or go down in clothing sizes, I decided to start by changing my eating habits, activity levels, and sleep schedule. This is the 10-week (because I started late) tracker I settled on:

I’d originally planned on only doing 6 days a week with some of these areas, hence the tiny squares where I decided to go for 7 days a week.


After the first week I had to make some modifications to the tracker (thank goodness for correcting tape), but on the whole it has worked incredibly well for me. I get a huge amount of satisfaction out of marking off those little X’s every day, and even though the steps I’m taking are simple, I’m already starting to see results (which is like, totally awesome). The 12-Week Year said to aim for at least 85% success rate each week. Being rather competitive (even with myself), I get upset if I don’t hit 100%.

In February I started my professional/writing goal for this year, which is to find an agent. (It is also one of the scariest prospects in the world for me, but now that I’ve put it out there for all the world to see, I’d better go through with the process right? Ack.)  This is the picture that almost immediately popped into my head:

A leap of faith…


My drawing isn’t the greatest, but it’s supposed to be the Leap from the Lion’s Head, from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Why that particular scene? Because I’m so terrified of doing this, the only way I’ve found to not break down in a nervous wreck before I even begin is to take the one step I can see to take. As long as I don’t try to figure out the entire thing at once, and only focus on what’s right there in front of me, I can keep going.

So my first 12-week chunk focuses on three things:

  • Building up my internet platform
  • Preparing An Uncivilized Yankee for submission, and
  • Continuing to work on my short stories

And here are my goal tracking pages for those items:

As you can tell, I like trackers that look like they belong to the subject they’re tracking. I’m especially proud of that cavalry guidon tracker.


These are the working titles for the next two stories in my Roots & Branches series.


And that’s where I currently am in my bujo journey. I’m not sure how many more posts I’ll write on this topic, but I’ll definitely be pinning my new pages as I get them set up. So if you enjoy seeing what I come up with, check out my Journal board on Pinterest.

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