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2018 was a year of drought and doubt for me.

Things started out so well. I had so many goals and plans and dreams, and for once I seemed to be on track to accomplish them. Then I began to doubt myself, to get so wrapped up in the littlest of problems that I lost the ability to write. I could barely scrape up the words for a Facebook post, let alone write more stories, or even publish something here on my blog. I spent the rest of the year wondering if I would ever write again.

Then, sometime in mid-December, I began to reconnect with the reasons I started writing in the first place. I tried to shift my focus back to how much I enjoy writing, how much I enjoy spending time with these characters of mine, instead of worrying what people will think of my finished products.

And like a soft rain on a thirsty ground, the words began to flow again.

I’m hoping to be putting more stories up here this year. They’ll be rough-hewn stories, more draft-like than polished and published, but at least I’ll be writing.

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