About Me

Who is V.V. Wedding?

For starters, yes, that is my real name.


I was born a New England Yankee, grew up on the Great Plains, and now live outside of Fredericksburg, Virginia with a husband who can make numbers dance, a daughter who might have a Talent for Water, and three dogs (with whom I unfortunately cannot communicate, as I have no Talents of that nature nor Phooka blood in my family tree).

When I’m not buried in books or poking about online researching my next story, I keep my hands and mind busy with the historical skills of husbandry (the raising of animals and crops) and huswifery (the running of a household, including such things as sewing, weaving, knitting, cooking, quilting etc.).

When it comes to my writing, I always strive to make my books as historically accurate as possible while still telling a good story. If you have any questions or would like to know more about the historical people, places, or events mentioned in my stories, you can leave a comment on my Facebook author page (V.V. Wedding) or here on my website.

If you really want to get inside my brain, follow me on Pinterest. My user name is Nessili. I have several boards devoted to book research, character development, and the art of writing. I also have far too many boards on crocheting, crafts, homemaking, and various and sundry other interesting things.