Roots & Branches

By the end of The Slow Trail Home, the extended Black family had grown so extensively that I realized I could never write a full book about each of the younger generation. I decided instead to write a series of stories focused around each of the Black children (except Katja, since she’d already gotten her own book).

I’m making these tales available to my readers as I write them. Once all are written, I’ll collect them into a published book of companion stories called Roots & Branches, and remove them from this site.

What’s the catch? You have to be a site member to read the full story. But signing up is free, easy, and painless, and membership gives you access not only to the unpublished stories, but also to other background information such as family trees, maps and houseplans, biographical sketches, and more (found under the Explore section of this website).

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The stories will be divided by family.
Travis and Starla’s children:

Robert and Danica’s children: