Cache la Poudre River, Colorado


The sun had not yet set, but here in the canyon shadows had already fallen. Rob had stopped the troop early and had his men make camp as quietly as possible. Now he sat on a rock, staring upstream and waiting for the scouts to return.

There were no fires tonight; they were too close. Rob could feel Dani and Jon, so tantalizingly near, pulling on his heart and mind. Their sparks had stopped moving several hours before, but still remained bright and strong. Which likely means that Grady has finally stopped running and is getting ready to fight. About a mile ahead, if he remembered correctly, the river bent in on itself sharply and the mountains narrowed in over the trail. He suspected that was where they were. If I were Grady, that’s where I would be. Easily defensible. He sighed. We’ll find out soon enough.

The issue now was not whether they’d catch the men. It was what to do once they’d been brought to bay. He reached down, massaged his throbbing leg unconsciously. He’d been over this time and time again in his mind, and could find no acceptable solution. If Grady thinks he can’t win, he will kill them. I know that. So we have to get the hostages away from him, before he thinks he’s in danger….


–from A Great Wide Nowhere