road trip

Days 2 and 3–Dallas, Texas.

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Well, technically, we’re not in Dallas, for which I am greatly thankful, since the few times I’ve driven through the Dallas-Fort Worth area I have been terrified. I don’t like big cities, and I really don’t like lots of traffic. For that matter, I don’t particularly like going fast. Horseback is a nice speed for me. But I digress. We left Nashville early yesterday morning and made it into Arkansas with little difficulty and no more rainy weather. And while Arkansas is mostly under construction, we were able to keep a steady pace to the southwest. We paused...

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T-Minus 10 Hours

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It’s the night before we hit the trail, and I can’t focus at all on packing or planning or anything I’m supposed to be doing. I think all is in readiness. Grub and equipment are packed, mules were checked out last week by the farrier, loading the wagon in the morning. Lists have been made and checked and rechecked. All looks to be in order. So why do I feel like I’m forgetting something?

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