Character References for the Anderson Family Tree

Starting at the top of the tree and working left to right, here are some major instances when each character is mentioned (there are likely other, more obscure references).


  • AUY–An Uncivilized Yankee
  • AGWN–A Great Wide Nowhere
  • TSTH–The Slow Trail Home
  • BC–Be Careful What You Wish For

Morgan (the Phooka)–“The reason we have such an ability in the first place is because we have Fae blood early on in our family tree—Phooka blood, to be precise.” (TSTH, Ch.8)

George Bancroft–“Despite losing his land and most of his stock during the war, he wouldn’t sell them to get funds. Supposedly he once said if he wanted to play lord of the manor he’d’ve stayed in England.” (AUY, Ch.5)

Mairghread Lamont McKinley–“Mama’s great, great grandmother was named Mairghread, and Da’s grandmother was Margarethe, so Margaret seemed a logical choice at the time.” (TSTH, Ch.5)

Joel Bancroft–“But Joel turned both his brothers and a sister over to British…”(AUY, Ch.4)

Jessamine Bancroft McKinley–“He (George Bancroft) settled the entire estate and his very successful business on his youngest, Jessamine. That’s Star’s great-grandmother.”(AUY, Ch.4)

Morgan McKinley–“Great‑grandpapa McKinley started that line with a little gray stallion he imported—well, actually, smuggled—out of Barbary.” (AUY, Ch.5) “My great-grandfather Morgan McKinley wrote a book comparing the Old World Fae to those here in the New World.” (AGWN, Ch.12)

Margarethe Schwartz Black–“Mama’s great, great grandmother was named Mairghread, and Da’s grandmother was Margarethe, so Margaret seemed a logical choice at the time.” (TSTH, Ch.5)

Hugh O’Donnell–“They—the O’Donnells that is—came over from County Donegal shortly after that last war with the British. Mum says I inherited Grandda’s gift with horses, and his temper.”(AUY, Ch.8)

Shane Anderson–“Grandpapa Anderson was from New Haven himself.” (AUY, Ch.5) “Then there’s me—I take after Grandpapa Anderson, tall and skinny.” (AGWN, Ch.1)

Andrea McKinley Anderson–“Supposedly I get my love of numbers from our grandmother Andrea,” Cousin Warren said. (TSTH, Ch.1)

Josephine Black Pitts–And he could hear Aunt Jo weeping as that devil half‑carried, half‑dragged her to his wagon. (AUY, Prologue)

Anne Lewis Anderson–“See, Mother’s name was Anne. A nice, simple, common name. She hated it.” (AUY, Ch.6)

Richard Anderson–“My father. Dr. Richard Anderson. He was a Healer too.”(AUY, Ch.2)

Charles AndersonUncle Charles, who came down from Boston to help: drowned in the Rapidan. (AUY, Ch.10)

Peter and Rebekkah Greer–“There’s no one else I could have gone to, except maybe Aunt Becky and Uncle Peter. But Boston is too far, and behind Yankee lines, so I came to you.” (AUY, Ch.2) “Don’t Uncle Peter and Aunt Becky live south of the city, down on the ocean?” (AGWN, Ch.2)

Kit Anderson–Major Anderson explained that his father, Kit Anderson, was Mama’s uncle. Kit had been stationed in Indian Territory before the War and had fallen in love, married, and settled in what was now the Texas panhandle before disappearing from the family’s view for years. (TSTH, Ch.1)

Edward Seward–“Don’t know what it’s really called—that’s just what Grandfather Seward called it.” (TSTH, Ch. 9)

Unnamed naiad–“I am sick and tired of hearing that just because my blasted grandma was some fickle watermaid I can’t be true to the girl I love.” (TSTH, Ch.18)

*Zachary, Melanie, Tabitha, and Percival Anderson–“Papa went first with Zachary—he didn’t live long—and later Melanie and Tabitha. However, Mother liked to read, too much perhaps. Her choices were Danica, and Percival, and me, Estella.” (AUY, Ch.6 ) (see note at bottom of page)

Alec Greer–“Uncle Peter and my cousin Alec were sailors—Alec’s the one that taught me how to climb trees. Before he was lost at sea.” (AUY, Ch.5)

Elizabeth Seward–“Elizabeth, she did not like his new position. She demanded always more from him. He gave and gave, but never enough for her. While he was on patrol at Fort Laramie, she took their son and left.” (AGWN, Ch.12)

Will Black–By the time that situation had been resolved, it was nearly time for her parents to leave for the end of summer encampment at West Point, to see her brother Will for the first time since they’d dropped him off at the military academy back in June. (BC)

Richard Black–“The next year Richard was born—he died just a few weeks later, but then there was Ellis who needed a mother.” (TSTH, Ch.10)


*A note on Star and Dani’s family.

In An Uncivilized Yankee, when Star lists the kids her parents took turns naming, she left out those who died in infancy, except Zachary, since he was the first of the named children. However, there were two others–William and Tristan–who also died within weeks of being born.

The other question that arises is why did a Healer of Richard Anderson’s strength have so many of his children die? The answer is that he was just dang unlucky. In the case of the unnamed twins, they were born so prematurely that even Andrea Anderson, one of the strongest Healers the family has ever produced, could do nothing to save them.  Zachary died quite unexpectedly while Richard was away on business.  William was also born early and failed to thrive from the very beginning. Finally, Tristan died of what would become known as SIDS–he was found dead in his cradle one morning.