The Genetics of Talents

I am not geneticist by any stretch of the imagination, but from my research, there are several basic rules that Talents follow when forming.

1. “A cord of three strands is not easily broken.” There must be three parts to each Talent. This differs from the Fae, whose abilities are genetically passed in pairs, not triples.

Nymphs: WW/EE/AA
Sidhe: FF/AA/EE
Seafolk: WW/AA

2. Of those three elements, there can be only two different primals (Earth/Air/Fire/Water). EFA or WEA are not plausible formations.

3. Spirit. Humans have a unique element called Spirit (also known as quintessence or aether). Spirit is a “helper.” It does not form anything on its on, but rather bonds willingly to the other primal elements, allowing more combinations. Spirit must be in the secondary position. Not primary, because it cannot attach to the genetic structure on its own. Not tertiary, because it will break away.

4. Fire is a solitary Element. It will only bond it itself and to Spirit.

5. Water is a free-hearted Element and will try to bond to anything.

6. Earth is a dominating Element. Two Earths will keep a segment from manifesting, though the parts will still pass genetically. The only exception to this is when bonded to Spirit.

7. Air is a weak and flighty Element. It can not handle a double of any element hanging off of it. Also, like Spirit, a tertiary Air will break away unless locked in place or bonded with Spirit or itself.



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