Types of Talents

Three is the limit of Talents a person can have.* Most will have at least a primary and secondary Talent. Some people, especially in families with a high concentration of different Talents, will have a tertiary (third) Talent, but usually that Talent cannot be consciously controlled, or else it manifests only intermittently/rarely, or else it is blocked in some way.

By way of example, Starla Anderson’s primary Talent is Healing (of the Earth variety). Her secondary Talent is Dreaming. She has a tertiary, that of a Marver (FSF), but because of the trauma her mind associates with Fire, she is unwilling/incapable of doing anything that even hints at using Fire. However, the genes are still there and pass on to her children.

Also, the strength of each Talent varies greatly from person to person. One person’s secondary Talent of Air Weaving may be stronger than another’s primary Talent for the same.


*The only exceptions to this rule are the children of one of the Fae. By the time the great, great grandchildren are reached, most if not all the additional abilities accorded to the Fae (shape-shifting being the biggest) are no longer strong enough to manifest. However, ability to understand certain animals/living things seems to pass through the generations without losing its strength. Why that is so, no one knows for sure.



Note: Each cultural area has their own names for these different Talents. Since my characters have all come from similar backgrounds, they have typically called these Talents by the same names. If other names have been used in my books, those are listed in parentheses at the end of the description.

Also, the letters in the parentheses after each name stand for which elemental strands make up that Talent. For example, an Earth-based Healer’s (ESA) Talent comes from an Earth strand, a Spirit strand, and an Air strand woven together.


Earth-Based Talents

Earth-Shaper (EEE)—able to control the earth and things in it.

Gardener (ESE)—control over plant life.

(Earth) Healer (ESA)—triage and life/death situations.

Tracker (ESF)—can follow something over land for long periods of time.

Illusionist (ESW)—creates “mirages” or glamours, hiding the true identity of an object

(Beast)-Friend (EAA)—able to communicate with just one species of animal.

Charmer (EWW)—able to communicate with most higher thinking animals.

Air-Based Talents

Air-Weaver (AAA)—able to spin, twist, and weave Air for various purposes, including roping, far-hearing/far-speaking, shields, etc.

Shielder/Spinner (ASA)—can twist the Air to form Shields, or far-speaking/far-hearing, or “roping” with strands of Air, but not all three, and usually not very strongly.

(Air) Healer (ASE)—skilled work and mental issues.

Finder (ASF)—can sense and find people/objects from far distances. (Spirit-Tracker)

Masking (ASW)—can project a “mask” over their true features.

Tamer (AAE)—can’t talk directly to animals, but understands them all the same.


Water-Based Talents

Water-Worker (WWW)—able to speak to and control most forms of Water.

(Water) Talker (WSW)—can communicate with Water, but has no control over it.

Bender (WSF)—influences actual thoughts and actions. (In German, Puppenspieler: “Puppeteer”)

Ghost (WSA)—can “fog” people’s minds, sometimes unconsciously. A lesser form of Bending.

Charisma (WSE)—able to attract attention and hold it. Often unconsciously done. A lesser form of Leaning.

Scryer (WAW)—sees the past, present, or future in reflective surfaces (water, mirrors, etc).

Dreamer (WEW)—sees the past, present, or future in dreams. Some Dreamers can touch other people’s dreams, but it requires some sort of previous Spirit-connection.

Speaker (WAA)—the ultimate polyglot. Understands and speaks foreign languages easily.


Fire-Based Talents

Fire-Caller (FFF)—able to summon and control Fire in all its forms.

Marver (FSF)—can create cold and ice by removing the Fire/heat from things (a marver is a table used in glass-blowing that helps remove heat from molten glass).

Leaner (FSW)—influences emotions and actions. Sometimes called a Pusher.

Empath (FSE)—can tell what people are really feeling.

(Truth) Seer (FSA)—can physically see (or otherwise sense/hear/smell) truth and lies.

Twin Traits.

Twins are born with several capabilities that other Talents do not have. Among them are Telepathy and Weather Working, which can only be done by twins acting together. If one twin is dead or too far away, the remaining twin is reduced to no more than a Watcher, one knows what the weather will do, but can’t do anything about it.



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