Laramie, Wyoming

She felt so alive, out here in the middle of a great wide nowhere, safe and warm in her husband’s strong arms, the constant wind tugging at her hair and skirts. I could stay like this forever, she thought with the small part of herself that wasn’t totally lost in the whirlwind of feelings and sensations that always accompanied his kisses.

The wind tried to snatch Rob’s hat; he snagged it with one hand, but didn’t cease his present occupation until a particularly strong gust almost knocked him over.

“Whoa, now,” he laughed, steadying them both. “That’s getting a little insistent, isn’t it?” Then he took in the sky, how the blue had turned to gray, with clouds building up rapidly to their west. “I think we should continue this conversation at home,” he announced, placing her back onto Magpie’s back and remounting Brandy.

“Oh dear,” she said, pushing escaped curls behind her ears ineffectively. “That does look nasty, doesn’t it?”


–from A Great Wide Nowhere