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The biggest thing I want to do with this new (and highly improved) website of mine is to connect more with my readers, and to give you more than just one book–albeit a honking big book–every four years. You deserve more than that. Therefore, I’m going share much of the background behind my stories and of what goes into writing them, and even share some of my new projects.

Unfortunately, I can’t just throw all that content out into the Internet willy-nilly. That wouldn’t be smart.

So I’ve set up areas of the website for the people who care about the world I’ve created and the characters who inhabit it. All you have to do to access those areas is sign up. Signing up not only gets you access to a ton of background information, you’ll also get notifications when new content is added to the site (such as story updates). Don’t worry–you can unsubscribe from notifications and still remain a member. However, I do reserve the right to contact you when changes that affect you as a member occur.

Registration is free, simple, and quick. Click the button below to join.

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