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What exactly is historical fantasy?

Historical fantasy is a small (but growing) genre that combines magic with documented historical events.

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Many people consider Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series to be one of the first (and arguably the best known) examples of the genre. Another well-known example is Naomi Novik’s Temeraire series, which is the Napoleonic Wars … with dragons. In fact, a quick online search shows that there are far more than just the older stories set in medieval and Elizabethan times. There is magic in Renaissance, in Regency England, Victorian fantasy, all the way up to the near modern time and urban fantasy.

Urban fantasy, in which magic impacts our everyday, modern-day world, can often overlap with historical fantasy because, depending on when they were written, some novels can now be considered historical. Susan Cooper’s The Dark is Rising sequence, Emma Bull’s superb The War for the Oaks, which takes place in 1980s Minneapolis, and most of Charles de Lint’s works are all excellent examples.

However, the one place that historical fantasy often falters is that the emphasis is on the fantasy and not the actual history. I want to change that. One of the reasons I started writing was to share my love of history in a way that captured the imagination. Therefore, I spend a huge amount of time on research (see Library for more on this) to ensure that my books remain as historically accurate as possible, while still having characters that possess magical Talents and creatures from myths and legends interacting with them.

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The War & the West

This series begins during the American Civil War, with An Uncivilized Yankee, following Estella (Star) Anderson, a Healer attached to General Stuart’s Confederate cavalry, and her improbable friendship with a Yankee scout named Travis Black. The next book, A Great Wide Nowhere, takes place in post-Civil War Dakota Territory and focuses on Star’s sister Dani and Travis’s brother Rob, a Finder sent to an isolated Army outpost to track down a thief. The series ends with The Slow Trail Home, which finds Katja Black, Rob and Dani’s daughter, facing a nightmare situation when a madman bent on revenge abducts her. She manages to escape and finds refuge in the strangest place imaginable—a cattle drive heading up the Pecos Trail.

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Roots & Branches


A brand-new, ongoing project, Roots and Branches is a series of stories focused around each member of the younger generation of the two Black families.