The Fae

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The Fae are basically anthropomorphized parts of nature; that is, nature in human form. They have been around for as long as there have been humans in this world. In ancient days, they were considered gods and goddesses, but while they are extremely powerful in the use of magic and most are very long-lived, they are not immortal.

Because they are of the natural world, as cultures become more and more “civilized”, the Fae have mostly disappeared, either killed off (accidentally or on purpose) or fading from lack of a natural world to support them. Oddly enough, the nymphs have proven more hardy when it comes to living in the modern world. Occasionally they can still be found even in urban settings, usually in some place like a protected park or around a historical monument.

Some of members of the Fae are capable of interbreeding with humans. As they tend to be fascinated by humans in general, to the point of becoming more and more like the humans they spend time with, interbreeding happens relatively often. It is from this mixture of Fae and human bloodlines that Talents develop (See Gifts and Talents).



A quick note on names: The names I use for the Fae come from several different cultures, but the characteristics of the Fae in my world do not always line up exactly with those of classical mythologies.


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